New Products at The Spa

Published: 25/09/2014 / Author: Laura Davies

Over the last few years we have built up a fantastic relationship with temple spa. There is just something about their approach that really works with the hotels ethos. It runs right from the simplest product right through to the comprehensive training they regularly give our beauty therapists; at the Lake Country House & Spa we think Temple Spa offer some of the best Spa products around!!

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Good Hotel Guide Award

Published: 04/11/2014 / Author: Laura Davies

The lake country house has received the award of ‘Editors choice Spa Hotel’ from the good hotel guide for 2014. The good hotel guide editors choice award recognises the best hotels from the good hotel guides collection.

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Deal with Stress the Easy Way – Spa Break Health Benefits

Published: 26/09/2018 / Author: Tom Hall

Have you ever looked at a wellness guide? Or one of those “mind, body and soul” blogs? They probably account for 99.9% of all webpages…

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Sunset wheat Field Jump

How Best to Nurture Your Mind, Body and Soul in 2019

Published: 21/02/2019 / Author: Lake Country House

So clearly a different approach is needed. Now that the worst of winter is behind us, we can shrug off those January blues and start thinking about more realistic ways to nurture and inspire the best version of ourselves – which, we accept, will never be perfect but will be all the better for it!

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How to Beat Winter & Emerge Rejuvenated

Published: 18/12/2019 / Author: Tom Hall

Winter is a beautiful season, in a bleak and desolate sort of way. The silhouettes of leafless trees line the horizon. The light takes on a soft, gilded quality and sometimes the hills are washed white with snow. Winter is poetic in its landscapes.

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