At-home face mask and skincare recipes

Published: 2022-01-27 / Author: Lake Country House Hotel
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Of course, the best way to enjoy a pamper is in our serene lakeside spa. But for the times in between visits, you can’t go wrong with a good old fashioned face mask at home to give yourself the feel-good factor (and we don't mean the kind of face mask you're wearing at the supermarket).

Now you could spend a fortune on a fancy face mask from a big cosmetic brands, but we’re talking about the type you can make at home using fresh, ingredients you'll already have in your kitchen cupboard - all natural and arguably better for your skin.

During winter, it’s more important than ever to take care of your skin. The colder January weather leaves us feeling dry, chapped and in need of some TLC. Which is why a homemade face mask may be the perfect temporary solution until you can get down to the spa for a luxury pampering session.

Face Moisturiser

The benefits of a homemade face mask 

Why would you want to slather your face with the contents of your fridge, you might be wondering? Well, you’d be surprised by the benefits. As well as reducing stress and boosting your self-esteem, the natural ingredients that make up a homemade face mask have a number of skin-boosting properties to leave you feeling and looking radiant. 

Honey contains antioxidants to decrease inflammation, even out redness and hydrate the skin. Oats contain healing compounds and minerals to promote the recovery of spots, wounds or blemishes. Brown sugar makes an excellent natural lip or body scrub, gently removing dead skin cells and stimulating blood flow to the surface of the skin – great for those wanting a natural tint. And to top it all off, they hardly cost a penny. In fact, you’ve probably already got them lying around at home.

As wonderful as it would be, there isn’t a one size fits all solution to healthy-looking skin. But it can be achieved by paying attention to what type of skin you have and tailoring your skincare to suit your needs. Are you prone to oiliness and the occasional pimple? Try a cleansing mask to absorb built-up dirt and oils. Is your skin dry and lacking in colour? Opt for a hydrating and exfoliating scrub. Looking more tired than usual? A brightening and lifting mask might bring you back to life.


Moisturising and Cleansing Facemask for Oily Skin

Oily skin is often caused by excess sebum (oils) produced by the glands under the skin's surface. Genetics often contribute to oily skin, but contrary to popular belief, it can also be a result of not moisturising. When you don't moisturise, your skin dries out and tries to compensate by producing more sebum. This can lead to breakouts, larger pores and an overly shiny T-zone. Here’s one easy face mask recipe to combat excess oils and achieve a healthy-looking complexion:

• 1 handful of sliced cucumber 
• 2 tbsp aloe vera gel
• 2 tbsp honey
• 2 tbsp plain yoghurt 

Blend together until smooth and apply to the face for fifteen minutes. As strange as it sounds, yoghurt contains zinc, which helps regulate oil production and prevents breakouts. Plus, it contains lactic acid, which helps shrink pores, tighten fine lines and gently exfoliate the skin. On top of this, cucumber is made up almost entirely of water, so it’ll leave your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. Give it a try! When you’re done, top off with your moisturiser of choice and allow your skin to soak up the goodness.

Body scrub

Exfoliating Lip & Body Sugar Scrub

Whether you’re returning from a scenic stroll along the Brecon Beacons or enjoying a cosy evening indoors with the heating on full blast, the cold January weather often leaves your skin feeling dryer than usual.

The combination of cool outside air and heat we use to warm up our homes depletes our skin of moisture. This results in cracking and flaking, which no one wants.

A homemade sugar scrub is a great exfoliant and can be used all over the body, whilst also doubling up as a lip scrub:

• ½ cup of coconut, olive, grapeseed or jojoba oil
• ½ cup of brown sugar
• A few drops of essential oil (optional)

Mix thoroughly until a thick consistency is achieved and transfer into an airtight jar or container. The scrub will strip away dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Plus, you’ll smell fantastic. 


Brightening mask

We know your skin is exposed to a lot throughout your day. Whether you’ve been hiking around your local beauty spots, discovering hidden gems along the coastline or simply snuggled up inside on a wet and windy afternoon. Your skin deserves pampering no matter how much, or little, you’ve done in the day! Rejuvenate your skin with a quick and easy brightening face mask that’ll bring a natural glow and healthy tint to your face.

This homemade brightening face mask is enriched with antioxidants. And the best part? It only uses two ingredients, making it the perfect homemade treatment for those busy mornings before the school run or tiered evenings after a day of adventures.

• A spoonful of turmeric 
• A tsp of lemon juice 

Mix the lemon and turmeric together until it forms a paste - add an extra squeeze of lemon juice if you want a lighter and thinner consistency to your mask. Apply to your face and let it dry for ten-fifteen minutes. Lemon juice is packed with natural components such as limonene and citric acid that lighten dark spots, fight hyperpigmentation and help diminish the appearance of scars. Once the mask is dry, rinse your face with water. For the best results, use this mask twice a week and your skin will be glowing in no time! 

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At home self-care is great, and once you’ve stocked up on the simple ingredients, you can treat yourself to numerous homemade face masks. After all, you never know when the country will be forced into an unexpected lockdown caused by a global pandemic…

But sometimes you can’t beat the ultimate relaxation experience of a spa day to take the edge off. 

During your stay at Lake Country House Spa you can enjoy a luxury spa break in the heart of Wales overlooking our beautiful lake. Our spa facials range from 30-minute power cleansing masks for a quick hydrating boost, to Deluxe 90 minute facials using luxurious ingredients for the ultimate indulging experience. And if facials aren’t taking your fancy, we offer various spa treatments to accommodate everyone’s pampering preferences. 

Our expert therapists can advise you on the best products and treatments for your skin to ensure your spa experience is one to remember.