Deal with Stress the Easy Way – Spa Break Health Benefits

Published: 2018-09-26 / Author: Tom Hall

Have you ever looked at a wellness guide? Or one of those “mind, body and soul” blogs? They probably account for 99.9% of all webpages…

When we read things like, do yoga twelve hours a day, smile relentlessly, ground yourself (like an electricity pylon), live your passion and “just be free” – it’s tough to connect. It all sounds contrived, and unachievable. And what we can do, is done in sporadic bursts between life commitments.

This doesn’t mean we aren’t desperate to slow down, relax and take time for ourselves. It’s just we need a concrete intervention.
We want to escape the city, escape the noise, escape the hectic and stop for a bit. After we’ve destressed we can take life on for another round.

A spa break is the antidote. It doesn’t require dedication to a fantasy lifestyle and works wonders, quickly.

Spa Breaks Improve Your Health & Help You Destress

Deal with Stress the Easy Way – Spa Break Health Benefits

Stress in no laughing matter. If it’s left untreated, chronic stress can contribute to an array of significant health issues, such as – depression, heart disease, menstrual problems, sexual dysfunction, poor skin, poor hair and bad digestion.

Often, we pay absolutely zilch attention to ourselves. The stress builds up, and we…battle on…and on. And on. This is not okay. In the name of health, you really do need to make yourself unwind sometimes. Or take a break from daily life and go somewhere where your relaxation is the only priority – then there’s no excuse.

In terms of health benefits, think of spa break as the opposite of stress. In fact, visiting spas on a regular basis have been linked to better sleep, fewer bouts of illness and the reduction of many physical woes.

Benefits of Spa Facials

Deal with Stress the Easy Way – Spa Break Health Benefits

What’s the one part of your body never covered? Your face experiences environmental stress more than the rest of your body.
Wind, sun, dirt, pollution, rain, make-up. It all finds its way to your face, clogging pores. Using a home facial scrub isn’t enough to properly cleanse it of dirt, skin cells and excess oils. Professional facials are a thorough, deep clean for your pores. 

“You look glowing today!”.

Unfortunately, somewhere in our mid-twenties our collagen level starts to decrease. This is what keeps our skin taught, and elastic. Before we notice them, wrinkles and lines are already forming. But, they don’t need to form in peace.

Facial scrubs and treatments exfoliate the top layer of skin, which has taken the brunt of life and time. What they reveal is youthful, more radiant skin beneath. Overall skin clarity improves, as does the appearance of acne blemishes and wrinkles.

Benefits of Spa Massages

 Deal with Stress the Easy Way – Spa Break Health Benefits

Of course, massages can loosen up achy joints, and soothe muscular pains – but that’s not all. Human touch releases feel good endorphins and the chemical oxytocin – otherwise known as the “love hormone”.

This doesn’t mean you’ll fall in love with your masseur! It’s a bonding chemical, and a primal response to our biological need to be social and close with others.

Say goodbye to ugly stress hormones like cortisol. Basically, after a massage you’ll feel great.

Massages also increase the amount of white blood cells in your body – boosting your immune system. Not only this but when focused on your legs they help reduce the chance of varicose veins and head massages help prevent migraines and headaches.

Benefits of the Spa Environment

Deal with Stress the Easy Way – Spa Break Health Benefits

Many of the health benefits of taking a spa break are mental.

Everything about a spa is meticulously designed to offer you a calm space, of reflection. There’s nothing hectic, nothing noisy, nothing pressing you need to get done. Just you, and some lovely treatments.

Until you treat yourself to a spa break you might have no idea how stressed you were (or how hard you were battling). We’ve normalised stress in the modern world. So much so that many of us have forgotten what it’s like to be wholly relaxed.

City spa or Country Spa Break?

Deal with Stress the Easy Way – Spa Break Health Benefits

Does it matter where the spa is?

Yes, it does matter. For anyone reading this, living in the city, you’ll know how full on that can be. Sure, city spas offer the same treatments as others. However, after your treatments, walking outside and back into a chaotic environment may wreck that floaty, blissed out feeling.

The best thing to do is make a thing of it and escape for a spa break deep in the country.

Where better than the beautiful, lush landscape of rural Mid Wales. Pretty meadows, ancient woodlands, crystal streams and…. quiet. It’s the perfect backdrop for a luxurious spa break.

In the verdant valleys between the Brecon Beacons and mountains of Snowdonia is the Lake Country House, Hotel and Spa.

Recently awarded the Good Hotel Guide’s, Spa Hotel of the Year, the Lake country House is a special place, away from everything, where you can finally chill out.

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