Luxury Experiences to Discover on Your Welsh Escape

Published: 2021-07-16 / Author: Lake Country House Hotel
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The first and foremost reason you visit Wales is for the breath-taking beauty—the deep green valleys, the misty mountains, the swishing pine forests. Much of Wales is rural, remote, and wonderfully secluded. Here at Lake Country House, we’re nestled in the heart of it all, amongst lush tumbling hills. 

For those that enjoy the finer things in life, there are some luxury experiences to be discovered in Wales, that compliment any adventure. From relaxed wine tasting to the high-octane thrill of driving a supercar. 

Here’s our quick pick of the best luxury experiences in Wales. 

Helicopter tour wales

Mid Wales & Snowdonia Helicopter Tours

It’s all very well appreciating landscapes from the ground, but to see Wales in all its cinematic glory, it’s recommended you take to the air. The valleys of Mid Wales are bucolic, chocolate box, and the rugged peaks of Snowdonia to the north are sublime. You can book private helicopter tours of each of these distinct landscapes. Not everywhere is dramatic, or attractive enough to warrant a helicopter tour. Wales is made for it.  So, book yourself in, and enjoy the vast unfolding of fields, woods, and rivers below and rise of mountains on the horizon.

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Wine tasting in Wales

Wine Tasting in Wales 

For those that understand, wine tasting can be an enlightening and culturally enriching experience. The nuances which determine a wine’s taste are fascinating, and no batch of wine is ever the same, as the properties of grapes fluctuate with temperature, sunlight, and weather. There are stories where one part of a vineyard has excelled more than others, producing a one-off wine with exciting exclusivity. 

This lack of certainty means that winemaking is not only a skill, but something more magical. Certain vintages may come and go like rare butterflies, and their capturing becomes an artistic endeavour. 

Wales is on the up for wine, and we suggest visiting the beautiful Kerry Vale Vineyard on the Welsh and English border. This award-winning vineyard has 6000 vines of Rondo, Pinot Noir, Phoenix and Solaris varieties—perfectly suited to UK weather. They offer wonderful wine tasting experiences and a lovely day out. 

Stargazing experience

Brecon Beacons Star Gazing

Did you know the Brecon Beacons are an International Dark Sky reserve? What this means, is the night skies here are pristine and awash with stars. Very few places get awarded dark sky status, so it’s a big deal. When was the last time you looked up into a truly starry sky? Usually there’s a degree of light pollution, seen sometimes as a tangerine glare obscuring them. Pondering the infinite void of space and mapping the stars is an existential trait that defines our humanity. We’re mesmerised by it. 

On a cool night with some hot chocolate, star gazing in the bleakly beautiful Brecon Beacons is a must. Obviously, you don’t need to book an experience to look at the sky, however, they are available and there is an observatory. It could be fun to be alongside others, after all, the best experiences are better shared. 

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One pound coin

Visiting the Royal Mint 

Although is seems more and more like we’re moving to a cashless society, there’s something in the intricate design and familiar weight of our coins digital figures can’t replace. It’s always been intriguing to find an old or special coin given to us in change. Many of us impulsively check the years of our coins. The ones that have been in circulation for a long time, we wonder whose lives they have entered, what stories they could tell. 

With a history spanning over 1000 years the Royal Mint is a treasure trove of British history and gives you a chance to learn about common and rare coins alike. It houses the world’s most technically advanced minting facility, producing a staggering 3.3 billion coins annually. Whether you’re a coin collector, have a casual interest, or simply enjoy heritage attractions—The Royal Mint in South Wales cannot be missed. 

Supercar experience

Wales Supercar Experience 

There’s nothing quite like getting behind the wheel of a performance car. The prestige, speed, and sense of freedom it brings is intoxicating. Currently we’re in a paradigm shift and before too long muscle cars and fuel guzzlers may be a relic of the past. This is crucial for the environment, though sad for car enthusiasts. The good news is that right now the performance car industry is still red hot. 

Wales is the perfect place to treat yourself to a track day and get your adrenaline pumping. The flagship track at Llandow offers a range of driving experiences—including sessions where can try out multiple supercars. Put peddle to the metal and have a fantastic day. 

Luxury experience

Luxury Spa Hotel in Wales

Escape from the everyday with a relaxing stay at the Lake Country House Hotel. Enjoy our lakeside spa, luxurious bedrooms and delicious food & drink, all set within our 50 acres of gorgeous grounds. Explore our bedrooms and book your getaway today.

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