Drift Away

Relaxing Back or Full Body Massage - £45 (25 mins) / £80 (50 mins)

This is our totally relaxing massage, formulated with a dreamy blend of essential oils guaranteed to have you drifting away. 

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In Good Spirits

Energizing Back or Full Body Massage - £45 (25 mins) / £80 (50 mins)

An invigorating massage designed to leave you full of vitality. We use a gorgeous blend of Mediterranean essential oils that are carefully chosen to stimulate and refresh the skin, body & soul.

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New Beginnings

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in your life that requires treatments especially designed for you - £80 (60 mins)

You will enjoy a full body massage without the need to lie on your tummy. Our specially trained therapists know exactly how to work those sore tired muscles while you feel completely comfortable and relaxed and, you never know, the baby might just enjoy the sense of calm too!

(Not suitable during the first trimester)

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Soul Retreat

Foot Ritual, Back Massage, Face Mask & Scalp Massage - £80 (60 mins)

For those with frazzled nerves, give yourself a real treat with this beautifully nurturing therapy, using rose-based preparations noted for their soothing capabilities; leaving you cosseted, comforted and at peace. We commence with our truly wonderful foot ritual with a gentle soak, exfoliating and soothing the feet; followed by a massage to smooth away all the areas of tension and stress in the back, neck and shoulders. Concluding with a face mask of your choice and relaxing scalp massage.

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Warm Bamboo Therapy

Back Massage - £60 (45 mins) | Full Body Massage - £95 (60mins)

The healing art of bamboo therapy, using various deep tissue massage techniques relaxes the body at its deepest level, creating harmony and balance.

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Indian Head Massage

£60 (45 mins)

A revitalising massage to the back, scalp and face. It aims to rebalance your body's energies. 

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Hot Stone Massage*

Back - £60 (45 mins) | Full Body - £95 (60 mins)

This is a deeply relaxing massage, using hot volcanic stones.

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Thai Style Massage*

Back - £60 (45 mins) | Full Body - £95 (75 mins)

An invigorating treatment, using hot compresses, with herbs and exotic essential oils. It includes deep relaxation and relives stress and faitgue. 

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£60 (45 mins)

A foot massage, helping you to relax and re-balance the body, using specific pressure points.

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Rose Quartz and Truffle Body Massage 60 mins £85

This indulgent treatment will leave you feeling totally relaxed from top to toe with our skin-transforming Massage using our unique Truffle Body Massage Oil. Skin is left feeling restored and radiant.