Deluxe Treatments

Red Carpet

Ultimate Special Occasion Facial - £75 (60 mins)

We start with a highly effective brush-cleanse followed by the Temple Spa skin lifting and muscle energising facial massage. A gentle glycolic resurfacing peel is applied to reveral brighter and smoother complextion. 

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‘Champagne & Truffles’ Deluxe Treatment

La Crème De La Crème of Facials - £105 (90 mins)

This outstanding treatment is just the thing if you want to seriously pamper your skin. With luxurious ingredients including champagne, silk, diamonds, gold and, of course, black truffles. Unique elements and techniques combine to reveal fresher skin, while a warm melting mask helps to smooth lines; a specialist ‘lifting’ massage strengthens and tones, and an iced blend to reduce puffiness. Culminating in an application of Temple Spa’s award winning ‘Skin Truffle’, the final results leave you feeling wonderfully radiant and more youthful. A complimentary flute of chilled bubbly will also be served to boost your enjoyment, as you relax and admire the ‘new you’!

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Warm Bamboo Therapy

Back Massage - £60 (45 mins) | Full Body Massage - £95 (60mins)

The healing art of bamboo therapy, using various deep tissue massage techniques relaxes the body at its deepest level, creating harmony and balance.

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Hot Stone Massage*

Back - £60 (45 mins) | Full Body - £95 (60 mins)

This is a deeply relaxing massage, using hot volcanic stones.

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Thai Style Massage*

Back - £60 (45 mins) | Full Body - £95 (75 mins)

An invigorating treatment, using hot compresses, with herbs and exotic essential oils. It includes deep relaxation and relives stress and faitgue. 

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