Outdoor Activities to Enjoy in Mid Wales

Published: 2021-05-18 / Author: Lake Country House
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There are many reasons people visit Wales. It could be for its rugged coastline or wealth of ancient castles. Perhaps to scale misty peaks in the mountainous northern reaches, known as Snowdonia. It might even be just to enjoy amazing food and hospitality. Whatever the case, Wales has a great deal of natural beauty and comfort to offer. Without a doubt, one of the wildest and most mysterious parts of the UK. 

Walking in Mid Wales

Walking & Hiking

Of course, the most obvious things to do when in the rural centre of Wales is go on a scenic walk or hike. There is a distinction between them. A walk is more leisurely, whereas a hike is intense and often involves distance targets and itineraries. 

Walking in Wales can be as chilled out or invigorating as you want it to be and there’s no shortage of options. From forests, to lakesides, to hill tops, to the banks of rushing rivers. 

Some of the popular Mid Wales walking locations, include the Coed Y Brenin forest park in southern Snowdonia, the Elan Valley, and Mynydd Epynt – an upland area of Powys. This is just the tip of the iceberg too. Find more Mid Wales walking ideas here

Mountain biking in Wales

Cycling & Mountain Biking

Wales is a country of extremes, and this applies to outdoor activities. You could embark on a leisurely cycle around the dams in the Elan Valley or hit up the adrenaline fuelling mountain bike tracks in Snowdonia. 

One of the best places to hire a bike in Mid Wales, if you haven’t brought yours, is at Artisans Cycle Hire near Lake Vyrnwy. There’s a coffee shop here for an injection of caffeine and the lake is a vast, hill cloaked body of water, wonderful to explore by bike. 

Another popular region, especially for mountain biking, is the Brecon Beacons. One famous trail, in the Black Mountains region, encompasses the Grwyne Fawr reservoir. This is a difficult and exhilarating route taking you over wide-open hill country, but it’s worth it for the sublime views of patchwork Welsh landscapes all around.

Wild swimming mid wales

Wild Swimming

Once you’ve braved it and plunged into the chilly waters of a remote lake or river, the chlorinated experience in your local pool will seem artificial. Which it is. Wild swimming is becoming more and more popular with adventurers around the UK. For many, it’s a way to refresh their mind and body. It’s also an exciting way to get outside your comfort temperature and challenge your body to being truly alive. It is an authentic and natural experience that strengthens your immune system. 

Wales is a mecca for wild swimming, and in Mid Wales you can find everything from dappled patches of gently flowing river to clear mountain lakes rippling in the wind. Here’s a useful website listing the top wild swimming spots in Mid Wales. 

Kayaking in Wales

Kayaking & Canoeing 

If you don’t fancy being under water, you can always float on it. Canoeing especially, is a serene way to explore a river. You can take a picnic with you and punt under the shady bows of trees. One of the prettiest and longest rivers in Mid Wales is the River Teifi, carving its winding path down from the majestic Cambrian Mountains. 

Another option, is to drift on a peaceful lake, watching swirling reflections and clouds pass on by. An atmospheric spot is Llangorse lake in the Brecon Beacons, which according to legend contains a submerged city. 

Wherever you go in Mid Wales you won’t be disappointed. It’s undeniably photogenic and a mecca for outdoorsy activities.

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