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Deal with Stress the Easy Way – Spa Break Health Benefits

Lake Country House
Have you ever looked at a wellness guide? Or one of those “mind, body and soul” blogs? They probably account for 99.9% of all webpages… When we read things like, do yoga twelve hours a day, smile relentlessly, ground yourself (like an electricity...

Good Hotel Guide Award

Lake Country House
Lake Country House is Awarded the Good hotel Guides, Editors Choice for Spa Hotel award The lake country house has received the award of ‘Editors choice Spa Hotel’ from the good hotel guide for 2014. The good hotel guide editors choice award...

New Products at The Spa

Lake Country House
Over the last few years we have built up a fantastic relationship with temple spa. There is just something about their approach that really works with the hotels ethos. It runs right from the simplest product right through to the comprehensive training...