Champagne Getaway Two Night Stay

Dinner, Bed & Breakfast plus bottle of Champagne in room on arrival. £450


Tel: 01591 620202
Northcote Manor

 A Green Hotel…

At The Lake Country House and Spa we have always tried our utmost to be as “green” as possible!

Our hotel was a Hunting and Fishing Lodge and began life around 1840 providing accommodation and hunting for gentlemen who wished to do so in our grounds, which were several thousand acres. The Hotel has always been self sufficient in that it always used and still does use locally produced goods for its meals, heating and water, and so our pledge is to honour our building and grounds and keep our lake and pond life healthy.

In The Hotel…
  • We use outside sensor-lighting to reduce air-pollution.
  • Over 90% of our light-bulbs are energy-saving. Along with turning off all unnecessary electrical appliances such as computers, lamps and main lighting. 
  • Closing our curtains at night to stop heat escaping.
  • We are in the process having Double-Glazed windows installed to again stop heat escaping.
  • Encouraging our staff to car share and cycle to and from work which 10% of our staff consistently do.
  • We recycle as much of our paper and cardboard as possible.
  • We have duel-flush toilets in our spa.
  • By having downloadable wedding and business packs on this site,  paper consumption is reduced.
Our Kitchen…
  • All kitchen food waste is composted (which is then used by our gardeners)
  • We use local food suppliers so that our diesel and petrol emissions are reduced.
  • Using milk bottles so that the bottles can be recycled rather than using plastic containers.
  • Aerators were installed to reduce our water consumption.
  • We grow our own Herbs all year round.
On Our Grounds…
  • We collect rain-water to water our herbs, flowers and plants.
  • We installed bird-boxes in our woodland and grounds.
  • Using our own flowers in the main House.
  • We don’t cut or trim sections of trees and bushes along our River (River Irfon) to protect our local Wildlife.